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Top 9 Tips for Simple Logo Design For Your Small Business Company

A Simple Logo Design can help you have effective communication between potential customers. The job of marketers is to ensure their business is reaching the people in different ways. So they spend money on visual tools which will lead the customers to interact with the business. Apart from being a business symbol, the logo has become a brand identity. Now even the online logo makers can give output like a professional designer. A professionally made logo design can send their business message to the targeted audience and convert them to loyal customers.

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Here are the top 9 tips for effective logo designs

1. Know The Brand
The first thing you need to do before the design process is that make an idea about the brand. The designs should be for targeted people in the targeted region. Understand what kind of identity the brand has in the public. All the information gathered by you will help you with the logo designing.

2. Reflects nature of your firm
The logos are the representation of your company. So the images and colors should reflect the company’s nature. That is how the designs will make a brand identity in the market. If they are designed from scratch or redesigned, it must carry the business’s values or attributes.

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3. Impression on people
The design of yours should make a long-lasting impression on the targeted audience. The impact made by the designs in the minds of the customers will invite them to that business. They need to have a uniqueness, on the other hand, it must be better than the competing brands.

4. Use Colors in A Planned Way
The colors have an important role in conveying the brand’s message. The color red has an impression of aggressive, passionate and energetic. So if the design has these colors then they give the idea of the company being very energetic and targeted to the people at a younger age. Like this, every other color can give a specific impression and target a specific group. Modern-day designers using this science behind colors for their designs.

5. Select fonts carefully
There is a lot of designers out there who do not think about the typeface used on the logos. Fonts used by a toy company won’t be the fonts used for a hospital emblem. Because the fonts talk about the personality of the brand. If your choice of typeface is not matching with the brand’s identity, that can give a negative impact on the company. Try to use unique fonts created exclusively for that design.

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6. Choose The Type of Logo
If you use the company’s name on the logos, then they are called logotype. The main advantage of this type of design is that the company logo itself will tell your company’s name to the people. This will give you extra publicity. So small scale businesses with a low marketing budget can utilize this advantage of logotype. If you choose to make designs having only a symbol, then you need to spend more money on reaching the company name at people. You can also have them with both the brand name and symbol.

7. Keep it simple
For reaching to the more number of people, the best way is making the design simpler. Try to use only one or two colors. Fonts and symbols should be minimalistic. Then the designs will become eye-catchy and the customers will notice it at first glance. Complicated logos can also attract people. But it gives mixed responses from the simpler ones. People can easily memorize simpler designs.

8. Make it scalable
A very important thing about logo designing is that it needs to be easily scalable. When it came to the case of advertisement the design must scale to a different size. What if the logo looks odd when applied on a large billboard? In the opposite case, if we put the designs on a smaller product, it should be viewable.

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9. It Should Be Impressive in Colorless Version
Making the looks good even in black and white form is also an essential criterion. Because the logos are not always printed on color. Sometimes they need to be shown in its colorless form such as newspaper ads, documents, etc. So to make sure this, draw a pencil sketch of the logos before making the final design.

Looking for a custom logo design company

If you want to create a beautiful logo then contact a custom logo design agency. They can let you make an identity through it.


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